Welcome to Billy's Quest! 

I ask as you start this journey with us that you review the facts in the image below. These facts merely disclose the tip of the iceberg of our literacy problem! Our educational system has failed us. That is why Billy's Quest is available to every child or adult , but our focus is on our at-risk children (MOST THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN!)  because all children and adults can benefit from the tools we offer here at Billy's Quest. A tool can be anything that helps a child understand their difference, that they are "NOT" broken or damaged. First, we try to help a child regain "belief in themselves". I believe, when a child "TRULY REGAINS BELIEVING IN ONESELF" they can accomplish their wildest dreams! WE as a society have a very bad habit of limiting a child success by either telling them, through actions or words what they are capable of achieving! But I know as parents and teachers how important your children are to you. I have two myself that I would gladly give my life to protect! That is why we are here trying to help them overcome.

I do not sell anything so your money is safe here. Yet, nothing is ever "FREE".... the cost?  "YOUR TIME"  I know how precious your time is, but for your child could you set aside just 10 minutes a day? There is a free program called Magic Ladder that can really help your child learn to read. Try it yourself by clicking on any word on this page. No more skipping over words I don't know how to pronounce, and if I don't know the definition it's there in REAL TIME. I promise you will see the light in your child's eyes when he/she CAN READ EVERY WORD ON OUR WEBSITE which is just a small peek into the possibilities of Magic Ladder. OLSN pronounced Olsen the Magic Ladder PQ PopUp allows you to gain the help on this page or any page on the web. You can download it onto your laptop or desktop by going to   ( The New Updated with PARENTS in MIND) https://mlc.learningstewards.org/parents/ and start a Magical learning journey for your child or an adult like myself. 

                   NAEP-National Assessment of Educational Progress          NAAL-National Assessment of Adult Literacy

Note: Click on any word on this site (and keep clicking it) to experience the The Magic Ladder PQ Pop-Up, a new kind of technology for supporting reading.

I ask everyone to please bear with us until we can organize our website more to reflect our move to Billy's Quest  a "Not for Profit" organization. I know there are so many very caring individuals and companies providing great service, help, and products for our children. But there  are far too many that I  will now "LABEL"  "The False Prophets of Education"  because they so easily LABEL our Children Broken or Damaged without any concern of the REAL DAMAGE THEY ARE DOING to our CHILDREN for a LIFE TIME!... all for their UNETHICAL PROFITS being made off our children's WEAKNESS. There is no reason a parent should be spending TENS of  THOUSANDS of Dollars to help your children learn to read! This has got to "STOP"our children have got to become more important than these  huge unethical profits being made at off their backs! Billy's Quest will work diligently to  provide FREE or inexpensive tools. 

The first step is by educating yourself and your child about what is the cause of dyslexia, and then finding workable solutions to living with dyslexia. The most informed site that has a truly unbiased approach that I have found is Children of the Code.Here you will find hundreds of interviews from the most informed minds on all aspects of the child learning to read, then the child being able to comprehend and retain what they are readings as well! If what you are being told just doesn't feel right or past the smell test (If something smells bad it's a very good chance it's BAD information or advice!).I know each and everyone of you want to help your child ..First PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CHILD! you may be  pleasantly surprised how something very small can make a huge difference in your child's learning.

 Please so everyone is clear I am not saying David has all the answers.What David brings to the table is a wealth of unbiased information freely available to everyone. I ask you..I beg of you....David Boulton has dedicated 30+ years to research and REAL TIME solutions helping our children tolearn to Read.....

  "We can no longer assume that what we think children should learn is more important than how well they can learn.”                                                                                                                                                             David Boulton

I will provide just 2 comments out of the hundred's and hundred's of comments...   link provided below to view all comments

"I have always felt that I am fairly well read, however, your presentation and now your website has given me new direction...I have always had a sense of urgency for the children in my care (as a speech pathologist, a principal, and now a director of special education) and now your information gives me the meat to start alarming others... I am sending this URL to all of the principals in my district and am going to set up time after school to watch the videos together as a professional learning community... thank you so much for the work that you have done to bring all of these people together, especially the children." - Mary Friesen, Director, Special Education,Thomasville City Schools, Thomasville, GA

"The most powerful professional development experience I have ever had. If you are involved in anyway in teaching children to read you MUST attend one of the seminars. This was truly an awakening for me! I will never look at the reading process in the same way. Attending this seminar will help everyone understand better why we have so many children that struggle when it comes to learning to read." - Julie Colley Lowery, Education Specialist, Alabama State Department of Education, Special Education Services, AL

 I will ask you to take the time to please read just a few comments of some of the most esteemed leaders in education today



                                                                              Laymen's Definition of Dyslexia

Dyslexia is like being tall or short, thick or skinny, left-handed or right handed. It's just one of the many ways that people are different.Like most differences,it can be both a Gift or Curse.The Gift is the dyslexic think in creative and different ways that help them accomplish great things.The Curse is that learning to read is much harder for people with dyslexia.Dyslexia is caused by the way the brain is wired.The Dyslexic brain wiring affects the way the brain learn to recognize the written words.  By:David Boulton Learning Activist  who is my mentor and my friend.


                                                              Just a reminder to all .............Billy's Quest.. has began!

                                                         https://www.facebook.com/Billys-Quest-855520317877193/                                                                                                                                            Instagram


               The Big Picture:Rethinking Dyslexia                                         Please after reading  watch both video on  the right

The Big Picture: Rethinking dyslexia...This is a great movie to start to understand.  I believe you will start to realize that we see the world in a whole different light.

I had asked for some help from a community forum and the question was ask, " what is the gift?" Although there are still times it can feel like a curse! As my reading and writing skills continue to improve the curse seems to being showing it's ugly head less and less! 

My simple reply , "The gift is...I believe that the quote by St. Thomas Aquinas sums it up best, which is the following:

"To one that has faith, no explanation is necessary.   To ones without faith, no explanation is possible."

Faith in ourselves is the first  step if we're ever to succeed.

We are told that being dyslexic is a disability. I have found that dyslexia is only a disability if we allow it to be.

The only difference is that  we who have the gift of dyslexia simply learn by a different drummer. 

I ask you again to bear with me until I find the right tools to make this website amazing.The internet is loaded with "FREE" or inexpensive tools to help each of us find our "Gift"! I will caution there will be daily work involved to achieve our dreams, our own personal quest and success....  By trial and error I found away to put up "Billy" which was so graciously recorded by Dirk Billie and Rabadash Studios in Covington, La

September 2018 I revised the words to "Billy" to reflect what I have learned to be true hopefully new version will be up by end of September! The new live version is here! I wanted you hear as you would hear me play it if you came to see me play.I will leave up the original version as a marker of our success.

This is a song I wrote about my own experiences of discovering much later in life I was/am/and will always be dyslexic.This is where Billy's Quest was born......Please come join us!

                            "Billy" 2018  top (Revised)

                           "Billy" 2014  bottom (Original)

Billy 2018 SoundCloud.mp3

01 Track 1.mp3

 Above is an interview about a hackathon that help to create what I believe can be a real game changer for dyslexics in the classroom OneNote using addin of Learning Tools by Microsoft What is amazing it's FREE and will work on most platforms! Download link below


             Changing the Perception of Dyslexia

  It is up to us with the gift of dyslexia to show the world we are able to accomplish whatever we set our minds on.  I want to thank Dyslexic Brian for this wonderful video

About Me:

My name is Tony Eller. I didn't discover I was dyslexic until I was 50 years old (63 Now).When I realized what being dyslexic meant a whole new world opened up to me! It was like a 100 pound weight had been lifted off my shoulders.I now understand the reasons why my reading and writing skills had filled me with shame, embarrassment,self-doubt. I continue to work on my story, but it's been a slow hard process.One thing I know for sure I never want another child to live one day not knowing why we think the way we do and that's OK that we learn differently

I have self-diagnosed myself  from several online evaluations as having moderate to possibly  the  lighter side of severe dyslexia in some instances. 

I work daily at becoming more adapt to the world around me.

I did not face my dyslexia to later in life.  I ask you  to please face your fears and find the gift of dyslexia that I have found.Although there are still times it can feel like a curse! As my reading and writing skills continue to improve the curse seems to being showing it's ugly head less and less! 

This site is dedicated to every child who have ever been called ortold...

You were slow and even worse,  you were called dumb or stupid please trust me, I know that feeling of shame! We were moved to the back of the class or moved to classes for us that just didn't quite get it... you know we were then removed from... the norm class!

We are all in this together and I am glad you are visiting "our" site.  I want this to become your home away from home. This is our online meeting place. I know the embarrassment, the guilt...the why me? We will share ideas and I will listen if you just need someone that knows your struggles and pain. There will be no lectures here.  This site's sole purpose is to help you find the gift that is in you.


               If  you have any questions or suggestions,

 Please share! This site may help your child.  If your an adult and you are ashamed or embarrassed, I promise you no one will have to know until you are ready to start sharing your own gift of dyslexia.

 I believe we lost the real reason we success no matter your short comings, we can all succeed! We just having to be willing to put in the time and work involved everyday, not just to just until we think we succeeded, but by continuing  to work daily to maintain our success! My dyslexic friends you can become your wildest dream, but this is going to require hard work and dedication !

    December 12, 2013 we begin a new Journey together!

Suggestions and ideas to help you start your own toolbox!

The gift of being dyslexic is that first you are aware of the extra care that has to be taken to achieve the same results as someone that is not dyslexic....you know the "so-called norm."

The gift comes in knowing tools are needed to achieve this. We then start to realize everyone has short comings.  It is said that 1 in 5 children in America has some form of dyslexia.

                  "Our tools come in many forms"

           #1 and our most important tool

Never be ashamed or embarrassed you are dyslexic! Wear it as a badge of ....HONOR!

Do you have problems with phone numbers too?

When I take a phone number I will ask the question,  "Please if you don't mind, can you give me your phone number in groups like this example 985-807-0000?  This gives my mind time to put the numbers in correct order.

How do you check your spelling and pronunciations?

I have carried  a dictionary with me for the first 5 years or so.  I will look up the spelling and the definition, and highlight the word. I am now on my second dictionary.  Each of these dictionaries (and I know I will wear out more in the future) have become treasures to me.

 For the last 7 years I a have used dictionary .comThe internet dictionary is for you and me.  We are the chosen one with the gift of dyslexia, and our best friend along with the standard dictionary is an online little mic icon by each word in the online dictionary, which will allow you to hear the word...I have always had problems sounding out a word....it's like magic...a whole new world will start to appear.  Here is the link:   


 Just click  above and you are on your way! (click dictionary at top left of page when site opens)

Learning a new word and the correct pronunciation could be one a day or one a week.  Just set a goal and then hold yourself accountable.

Find your passion and write a blog....There is no better way in my opinion to improve your writing skills

Do you get nervous or shaken ?....I know I do sometimes.......... especially if someone is looking over my shoulder or wants a quick reply

I know that moment can seem like a lifetime...I will take a step back I will count to 10  then take a deep breath and start over.

Read out loud and critique your own reading in private at first....build your courage and self-confidence

Start a daily journal I personally do a recap journal of my successes and failures from the day before. This is where I highlight new words and definitions, and I bring this up again because I'm on my second dictionary . I have now moved to an on-line dictionary  .com . Just so you know there are days I write about doing absolutely nothing we all need a break from time to time. 

The video  below I found On Sir Richard Branson Virgin website My advice for dyslexics...along with a very inspiring hand written reply to  9 year old Honor Smith....... Sir Richard thank you

12-Year-Old's #LikeADyslexic 

Isley Hermansen is starting her dyslexia advocacy early.

Isley what a wonderful video!


 Dyslexia, is it a gift?

I promise you dyslexia can be your gift ( yes the curse will lift it's ugly headon occasion),but there will daily work to achieve the freedom and rewards your gift will give you. 

            Our  Motto........Don't Underestimate me.

 I know it's hard sometimes to say what we are thinking or  comment on what we really see.  Please but don't be afraid  because we're in this together...So we can't ever let someone  underestimate us.


Please watch this eye opening presentation by                                                   Paula Tallal !


I truly believe  that the  Ken Robinson 2006 Ted Talk Presentation should be a requirement  for every parent to watch before selecting their children education path. 

I believe Sir Ken Robinson  gives  a  brilliant, yet humorous   god sent presentation on education in America!


I could not even start to explain our children education choices and what is happening to our education system in America the animation below is spot on!


                                  A Gift from Heaven                                                                                      Khan Academy 

Mr. Khan I know that I can speak for each of  us that have struggled, and those of us that at this very moment are struggling to complete that homework  assignment.

I want to thank you for each and everyone that is working to find, or has discovered their own gift of dyslexia. All  of the tools that I have used will now have to used  just a little less in the near future, because of what you have created. I know there are tools in my toolbox that I will continue to need on a daily basis. I know again that I speak for  each of us collectively when I tell you just open a brave new world to each and everyone of us. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Mother's and Father's and those of us that continue to work to become productive individuals .Because now that we truly understand that we just learn differently, and nothing else can stop us from achieving what ever we set our minds to.

At the to bottom of one of the introduction video, which I would suggest you take the time to watch .. I believe there is a profound statement......... 

"You only have to know one thing..you can learn anything"

                     Khan Academy is also free of charge


Khan Academy has now introduced Grammar after Sal starting to help his nieces along distance with their math home Khan academy continues to addmore and more learning tools  Thank you Sal 

While I'm still improving on my own articulating skills to express my ideas and thoughts in coherent and meaningful way

  I GIVE the FLOOR... to Prince Ea  who so eloquently presents the travesty of our out-dated school system....   Please then leave your  comments both here and .........  neste.com/preorderthefuture           

When someone wants to treat you like you don't fit in.I want you to remember we are among a special group of individuals that have accomplish some pretty amazing achievements 

Every Parent should watch these two videos Are you asking the right questions about your child's learning ability?

We have to start at the beginning of when and how the English language was created to understand how to find real solution.  The 3 videos here are just glimpse of the problem



I have added a James Redford interview to the Rethinking of Dyslexia a little more insight into those of us that are dyslexic. James passed away October 16,2020 Our deepest condolences to the Redford family.


          One of my own early experience in School

 I want you to know I am 63years old, and, when I was going to school, our schools or society didn't realize the number of students that had some form of dyslexia.  It is still the case in some schools and we (that means you and I) need to correct this by bringing awareness to everyone.  Please do not be afraid to stand up and help!

Encouragement was something I received very little of throughout my education. I was called lazy and slow and some of my teachers thought I just didn't care. I wanted to learn so badly,but I just could not seem to understand the work assignments.The worst thing that I remember was when I was in elementary school, time after time, I would get these headaches, most  were brought on by not  being able comprehend the work  assignments like my class mates. Some of the headaches were just an excuse  to be able to leave. I thought by leaving no one would realize I had trouble with my reading.  Some of the headaches were real  brought on  from anxiety of the fear of being found out. I  would check out of school time after time, and then I would go home for the rest of the afternoon feeling like a failure. I kept this secret from my mother that I believe is dyslexic also, and  father both who worked long hours and were never home until after 6:00 if not later.

I  ran across the following bio.  I would like you to tell who this extraordinary person is.........

Of  the many inventors that America has produced in our storied history, perhaps the most famous is ______?  All of the items we have in our homes somehow trace their existence to an invention of his.

All this in spite of a childhood that he saw little encouragement from his teachers and his father.

My teachers said I was addled , my father thought I was stupid, and I almost decided I must be a dunce.  I remember that I was never able to get along at school.  I was always at the foot of the class.

Fortunately for himself and the rest of the world, he was not too concerned about his inability to pay attention and focus on his studies for a long period of time.

His early struggles in school taught him that he would have to work hard if he wanted to succeed. 

                      Just a few of Thomas quotes

"Restlessness is discontent and discontent is the first necessity of progress.  Show me a thoroughly satisfied man and I will show you failure."

"Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration."

 I haven't failed I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.........

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and it looks like hard work

Oh...if you have not figured out who this extraordinary man is it is Thomas Edison 

Please Note...More and more of the list of famous people that were suppose to be dyslexic have been found NOT to be dyslexic! After thoroughly researching Thomas Edison I believe there is a very good chance he was NOT dyslexic. He was very hyper so more likely ADHD?


   The Truth Is You’re Amazing                                   

Do you know how many things had to fall into place for you to be here? Alive and under this big sky?                                                             All the things that have ever happened made space for you to be born.It all pointed at you.And you came. To here. Now. In every way that you are you. In every amazing way.

There is no other you. Or me. Or her. Or him.
Nothing even close.
Magic stardust grains from the beginning of time tumbled together and made you.
Just you.
If you could only see the wonder that you are.
Like a snowflake or a speck of sand, you are a beautiful one off.
A work of art.

So when you think that you are lacking.
When tears of unfair burn down your sweet face.
When self-hatred screams inside your brilliant mind.
When you compare yourself to someone else and decide you are not good enough.
Remember what the truth is—you really are amazing.

                                              By Miranda Wyndham-Baker                                                                  A caringMother of  Twins

 What a great find today A caring mother who has written a beautiful  poem for her twins.....   

 "Dyslexia 1in5 Initiative".This is one treasure of a site if your Dyslexic or a Parent or a Friend trying to understand.... Thank You! 



               There will be bad days too!

It never ceases to amaze me that those that have so many talents seem to take their talents for granted.I dream of being able to take down something as simple as a telephone number and not have to struggle to make sure it's correct.I want you to know that I have bad days too that nothing seems to be going my way, but that's life.

I want you to know that I believe with all my heart and soul that being dyslexic is about learning differently.I promise you there will be days that it just doesn't seem our problems will ever go away and some may not.I beg of you not to allow your dyslexia to be a disability.

We can no longer allow others to call us disabledremember we are only disabled if we allow ourselves to be. Please remember we just learn to a different drummer.

I see that MyToolBoxtoSuccess is getting several visits daily.I ask you to share your thoughts.What can I do to make this your home away from home? I want this site to be user friendly that anyone can read and use  our suggestions and ideas.I know I am not alone, and I want to help if it's only to have someone that knows and understand your struggles that happen everyday.

I believe it is  extremely important that we share our unique life experience to help those coming behind us.I know it is our responsibility to make this sometimes cruel world a better place.

If this web-site only helps one child I have done my job.

I will leave you with this today

"A baby comes into this world with only hope...the only gold we will leave this earth with is our ..........word"

Tony Eller


 The above video is by Christian Boer who has created a font that is dyslexic friendly. Christian is explaining  on Tedx Dubai how the font works!  Thank you Christian for your dedication to helping those of us that are dyslexic. 

Below is an award -winning documentary called Dyslexia: The World the Way I See It......I hope this will help friends, family,teachers that  are not  dyslexic understand dyslexia a little better.


Above is our first Billy's Quest tee-shirt using the Radio Flyer wagon as the toolbox ..children dreamed of having the Radio Flyer wagon to hold and carry their treasures! A place that can carry them to their imaginations wildest  destinations and their dreams come true! This was my son Daniel's idea! The 1st tool and most important  tool  "I will never be Ashamed" The reason for so much information on the Billy's Quest tee-shirt.My  thoughts are we should be wearing it to say ...the grocery store? Where your standing in line giving the person behind you time to read that 1in5..that's 20% of  our population has some form of dyslexia! At this point it can be explained yes estimated 20% from mild to severe  This is all about being able to start meaningful  conversation about what needs to be done for our children. The tee-shirt is for sale profits will be going to help finance our mission. Hopefully we are putting all the pieces together now to turn Billy's Quest into a not for profit to lend a helping hand to those  that truly don't understand what dyslexia has and is doing to our children, and bring awareness. And more importantly to find ways help those that do not have the means to help their children or themselves.

Also below is a picture of Ameer Baraka and Me  talking about Billy's Quest at the the Senate Hearing held at UNO in New Orleans Tuesday October 13.2015 Ameer gave a very inspirational story on his his own struggles with dyslexia and how he is now working to bring Awareness to problems that face our children with dyslexia (problem based learning) that are being sent to prison at astounding rates. We plan to work together on some future projects!  Thank you Ameer!

Please remember: 

 There will be no lectures here.  This site's sole purpose is to help you find the gift that is in you.

I have set up  suggestions and comments if you only want to leave your first name and no phone number that's OK I promise you I understand


 I would like you to please take the time an watch Joshua Katz  at TEDx University of Akron give a passionate presentation 

                        The Toxic Culture of Education

A Note for Billy’s Quest

School sucks. 

I’ve been teaching for 11 years and what I have learned is that school is not designed for learning.

School is designed for rigid deadlines, and linear progress.  Learning is messy and not time-bound.

School gives you grades and final marks.  Learning is a continuing process that should last a lifetime.

School labels a lack of progress as “failure”.  In Learning, a lack of progress simply means to try again, maybe even try a different way.

School depends on standards, on timelines, on labels, on scores, on grades, on marks.  School depends on turning you into numbers.  In School, your grades are more important than what you know.  In life, what you Learn, what you know (and who you know) is more important than any grade.  School is not designed for learning.    

For students with dyslexia, the problems with school are amplified.  You know the challenges of working within a rigid system.  You know the feeling of labels.  You know what it is like to see things differently. 

However, you cannot let school get in your way of Learning. 

For students with dyslexia, Learning is unchanged.  Learning still requires inquiry, process, mistakes, discovery.  Dyslexia does not affect your ability to question, to experience, to mess up, and to learn something new.  You can still Learn.  You MUST still learn.  Do not let school get in your way of Learning.

The next time you are in your school, remember to focus on Learning.  Stop worrying about what School wants you to worry about.  Learn Stuff.  Learn about history, Learn mathematics, Learn to read and write beautifully, Learn to investigate scientifically, Learn to create as much as you can.

Don’t worry about school.  Worry about Learning.  Now go and Learn.

Joshua Katz


On our journey Billy's Quest has been extremely fortunate to be introduced to visionaries such as the extraordinary Founder of Story Presevation Mary Kuechenmeister. Mary was so kind as to write a letter to be read to Our dyslexic children that attend this years "Lights Turn Red" Sunday October 14,2018 ceremony 5:30-7:00 

Dear Tony,

I am happy to share my thoughts on the Magic Ladder with you and those at the at the “Lights Turn Red” event in recognition of Dyslexia Awareness Month.

Although not officially diagnosed, I believe that I too am dyslexic. This is a condition that seems to have developed within the last ten years and it manifests itself primarily through spatial orientation.  So, for many reasons, that included, my heart is with all of you in the room this evening.

I’d like to begin by sharing a note that I received from a high school principal relative to the educational nonprofit that I head, Story Preservation Initiative.


She writes:

Dear Mary,

We are so grateful to be able to access the resources you are building. 

We are not unlike so many other schools, where our students are beginning with little to no exposure to the world of literacy. We try to catch them up to grade levels, to teach them to love reading, and more importantly, we want to inspire them to believe they have a future, a great future full of choices.  Expanding their knowledge of people and places through language is a huge part of that.

I remember a quote from college days: "The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."  Story Preservation gives us another way to enlarge on both language and world. 


“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” I think it is a sentence worth repeating.

It is known that a strong vocabulary and command of language translates to not only a richer, broader, and more fulfilling life vis-a-via a better understanding of our world but ultimately to a higher standard of living based upon income. It is known too that after approximately age eight, reading is the driver for an increased vocabulary.

Literacy is at the core of everything that Story Preservation does. We are an online resource, developed primarily – although not exclusively - for students in grades 4 through 12.

Story Preservation audio records the first-person stories of extraordinary people in the arts, sciences, and humanities. These are cool stories, designed to engage listeners. We pair these recordings with hands-on projects for literacy building and content knowledge.

To aid with comprehension, all of our audio is transcribed and supplemented with images. This audio / visual interplay allows listeners to read along with the speaker and, for words that are not recognized, get contextual cues.  But what about those words that are in every aspect “foreign?”   Enter the Magic Ladder.

I was introduced to the resource earlier this year and, as you can imagine, was immediately intrigued and aware of its potential. The Magic Ladder offers what Story Preservation does not: decoding, pronunciation, recognition support, and native language translation, all in real time.

We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Learning Stewards, the developer of the Magic Ladder. The resource is now embedded into all of our audio transcriptions. The result: a comprehensive suite of tools that aid struggling readers and English Language Learners build vocabulary and, most importantly, break the barriers associated with limited language skills.

With all best regards, 


Mary Kuechenmeister





Thank you David....

Every Parent with a child that has a learning
issue should listen to David before even attempting to use any type of program!
I ask you please listen to your Child Daily"! Your child will tell you what is working and what is not working, but your child has to be able to trust in you.I know this is a learning process for us parents as well, please don't be afraid to say you were wrong , and we will find a solution together! Parents you know more than you think! You know your children better than anyone else ever will!           for more information  learningstewards.org



                                                                          Below Is a Billy's Quest Wildest DREAM coming true!

This will be our second year that the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans will light up "RED" in Recognition of Dyslexia Awareness Month for our Children. This year Sunday October 22,2017 at dusk the lights will turn "RED" once again in recognition of our dyslexic children! We will have a Ceremony 6:00-7:30 A certificate of Recognition "Kids with Dyslexia" from New Orleans Mayor Landrieu office.  Also our dyslexic children will receive letters of the journeys from our Billy's Quest Hero's both the good and bad and how they handle the trails and tribulations daily! Everyone is invited  if you know a dyslexic child please invite along with family and friends to attend. Please come out an support our dyslexic children! Will be held on the landing ( two large ramps lead up to the landing) at the front entrance of the    PLEASE WEAR "RED"   Oh...... the  smiling face of determination with arms raised to the sky is Gavin  Cardoza one of our amazing Billy's Quest Hero's!  Gavin you ROCK! 


                                     This is our 3rd year and our "Kids with Dyslexia" Sunday October 14,208


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Billy 2018 SoundCloud.mp3


                                                                                      Billy's Quest Begins...........

 I have written a song  called "Billy".......it will be the start of Old Man Tony and my imaginary friend Billy that could do anything and everything I thought I couldn't do until  that aha moment I realized we only limit ourselves in what we can achieve our quest isto help take away the pain and shame that many of our children still face today.The web-site will continue to improve to help not only our children, but to help those like myself that did not find out until later in life that we were dyslexic.A whole new world opened up to me when I found my gift...I would now like to help you find your gift that I know is inside of each and everyone us that is dyslexic......I promise you will be amazed in how your life can change!

For those of  you that are dyslexic this website did not come to me easily. I have put in  hour after hour ...day after day.. week after week....month after month ..now I'm into year after year... to get "our website" to where it is  now. Spell check has been a god sent! So PLEASE don't ever be afraid to use tools that are available to you. Quotes I read daily sometimes pages at a time. I was told by a very dear friend that was also my boss that we're all lazy individuals...so to truly succeed we just have to find that passion that makes us want to jump-up out bed in the morning and take on the world! When I took on the challenge to first write a song... this is when "Billy" came to life.. I beg you never be afraid to accept help, because I accepted the help and inspiration from the Northshore Songwriter's Circle.... please let me tell you now I am one of the worst songwriter's in the circle now, but remember I did say now! I am working on several more  songs and one that's based on the quote I chose for us......Don't Underestimate Me     My wish is that each of us will use this quote daily

Quotes that help me  first record and then getting "Billy" up on youtube (the only way to get onto our website) and then here.

"I haven't failed.. I've just found 10,000 ways ..it won't work"     

 "Genius is one percent inspiration  and 99 percent perspirations"

I ask for your patience because am learning how to record, and I promise you as I add more videos they will get better. I felt I needed to bring awareness to those of us with dyslexia, and our daily struggles that each of us  face. Yes I know great strives have been made, but I believe there is still so much more that can be done.  "Billy" the recording is a true labor of love for me personally,but more importantly our children to truly understand they never have to be ashamed to admit they are dyslexic.I know that some have ask for the lyrics   ..so I have added the original rough draft of  lyrics below. The question has also been ask several times already why just the guitar? Because this is not just about my story... it's about the story of a little Billy or Mary that some where out there can relate to this song, and hopefully help others find the true "gift" I have found.I ask you not to just accept the old out dated perceptions of dyslexia, and some very outdated treatments being given as we speak....... never just accept  always question the reasoning behind the treatment and any and all medications.....and please..please... listen to your child!


                                                                            “ Billy “                       by Tony Eller        2014  updated October 12, 2018

(G)-Billy is a child  (C)…He sees the world  (G)- in pictures

(C)- an imagination..  that just runs wild you know that Billy he’s  a curious child…(G) unhum

(Em) Why is he so ashamed?

(C)    Why does he hold himself to blame?


(G)-Billy is a young man…(C)-…He sees the world (G) in pictures

(C) an imagination.. that just runs wild you know that Billy he’s

 still a curious child…(G) unhum…..

(Em) Why is he so ashamed?

(C)    Why does he hold himself to blame?



(G) (TALKING) An has the years started slipping away

Billy realize something was just not right

So he when looking for answers and to his amazement

What he discovered was his…………….. Gift!

Which he soon discovered can be both a Gift or a Cruse

Billy’s Life changed that day!...... the 100 # weight that was tied around his neck

Was suddenly gone!…Billy no longer had think he was the dumbest person in the room! Billy finally knew that is was not all his fault..his brain just happen to be wired a little differently.

It was then Billy had the aha moment and  started to realize he learned in a unique way that when tapped into can bring amazing amazing results!

(G)-Billy is an old man…(C)-.he sees the world (G) in pictures

(C)- an imagination ..that still run wild …you know that Billy is still that curious child….Unhum…..

(Em)- Now there’s no more shame

(C)-He won’t hold himself to blame……(G).. again




(TALKING) Now what Billy discovered is that 1in5 in our country.. has some form of dyslexia…..at least this is what we’re been told?

Although there have been great strives made, there is still so..so.. much more that can be done…So now  Billy’s…… Quest has become…….

That the next little Billy will never experience this…hidden shame & self-doubt

That’s a “LEARNED” consequence of our present-day school system, and if not corrected this hidden shame and self-doubt will be with the child a lifetime!

I have now been on this journey several years, it seems we take one step forward two steps backwards… When there is a weakness there will always

be a group to profit off the parent’s caring love for their child, by a group labeled the false prophets of education. BUT!.... if we all work together this is what is possible for our children!


(G)Billy is child…(C)-.he sees the world (G) in pictures

(C)-an imagination…that just runs wild you know that Billy he’s

A curious child….(G)..unhum…

(Em)  Now there will be no more pain

(C)     He won’t ever hold himself to blame

(Em)- Now she’ll have no more shame

(C)- She won’t ever hold herself to blame….



             ______________This quote I hope to use when speaking to groups about dyslexia________________

 Please every child now...... please repeat after me!

Don't underestimate me........    please say it again ......  Don't underestimate me!......... that's better

I know more than I say.........     please a little louder......    I know more than I say!...........much better

I think more than I speak ......  Please please just a little louder.......I think more than I speak! .....   that's beautiful

And I notice more than you realize....ok real loud this time.........And I notice more than you realize!..........that's amazing

God has given me a Gift.....I promise I will share this Gift with the world!